Up to this point on blog, I only wrote about starting a brand new website from scratch and how to start making money online. Although that approach has some advantages...

After opening Thursday at the Sercotel Sorolla Palace Hotel in Valencia, Spain, the 10th anniversary edition of the Domaining Europe conference

Michael is a broker partner of Flippa. According to the post, Michael has used Flippa for several years and has had 49 transactions on platform totalling $446k.

I’m joined here by Michael Bereslavsky, a web entrepreneur, investor and Flippa Super Seller with $282,810 over 38 transactions and a 100% positive rating.

Michael started buying domains and doing real estate before discovering that buying and selling websites was the most profitable thing he could be doing.

Michael Bereslavsky is the founder of Domain Magnate. That is a company which sells and acquires e-commerce, affiliate and content businesses, primarily.

I’m the founder and CEO of Domain Magnate! We’re a private equity firm and we buy content and SaaS businesses, including many affiliate websites. We’re currently working on buying more businesses, managing our portfolio, optimizing conversions, and growing our team.

Michael Bereslavsky will be showing you all about buying and running online businesses for investment! How to find, vet, and profit from buying an already built, cashflowing online business. His talk will be how to gain 100% a year or higher returns through buying an online business.

Today we are talking Thailand lifestyle and business. It is also about buying online businesses more in the content and software as a service or SAS business world.

Today we have with us Michael Bereslavsky of Domain Magnate, a man of so much experience, skill, and wisdom in this industry. He’s had over hundreds of transactions buying and selling sites, dating back to 2005.