I’ve had a strong interest in exploring spirituality and the big questions in life, and that led me to a number of adventures, such as:

  • Spending thousands of hours in meditation, and practicing a wide variety of methods, learning to shift into highest states of awareness, and experiencing buddhist jhanas and attainments
  • Completing many meditation based courses and retreats, like finders course, 45days, LLM
  • Studying and practicing multiple energy healing modalities, like vortexhealing, reiki, Bengston, also self hypnosis techniques and NLP
  • Studying and practicing human design
  • Studying and practicing many inquiry and emotional management techniques: Sedona method, EFT, Byron Katie method, various forms of self inquiry
  • Doing hundreds of hours of therapy, using EMDR, EFT, hypnotherapy and other similar modalities
  • Practicing Yoga, QiGong and many somatic techniques, like TRE, focusing
  • Experimenting briefly with psychedelics, shamanism and a large number of different modalities and tools
  • Experimenting with fasting and extreme diets, like eating raw food only for a year, juicing for weeks, vegan and carnivore diets.
  • Leading meditation groups and teaching friends basic meditation and emotional regulation techniques
  • And many more!


  • Fide Master at chess, and even published a chess book in Russian, together with my dad. I quit tournament chess in 2016, but always happy to play blitz with strong opponents.
  • Read hundreds of books on spirituality, history, philosophy and modern science, and studied various frameworks and esoteric traditions
  • I enjoy studying, understanding and discussing complex subjects, such as reviewing the current leading theories aiming to unite quantum mechanics, relativity and theories of consciousness; understanding modern economics, cryptocurrency, stock trading techniques, understanding political systems, media and incentives, or the nature of reality and the universe, especially as seen through the framework of first principles.
  • Traveled around the world, to around 60 countries, and enjoy visiting and exploring new cities.
  • I speak 5 languages, and fluent in 3 of them. Currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand