Business Acquisition Consulting

I provide consulting services for business buyers, which range from advice on a specific deal, negotiation, structure, strategy to supporting you throughout the entire acquisition process, through all its stages, from deciding on what type of business to buy and where to start to finding the right deal, doing due diligence and negotiations, closing the transaction and planning growth strategy.

In the past 2 decades I’ve completed hundreds of deals, and operated over 200 websites and online businesses, raised millions of dollars in capital, managed multiple funds and teams of people, and analyzed thousands of online businesses for acquisition. I’ve completed more deals as a buyer or seller, than most other advisers advised on. So this is an opportunity to have someone in your corner, who intimately knows all the ins and outs of the industry, assist you with your next deal.
While my experience is primarily in deals in the 6-7 figures USD price range, I’ve also consulted on 8 figure deals, portfolio strategies for PE firms and public companies.

Common consulting packages include advising PE firms and Funds focusing on acquiring small online businesses about strategy, dealflow, processes, people and decisions, additionally:

  • Deciding on your initial criteria for an acquisition, and where to start
  • Setting an efficient strategy to look for a deal that meets your criteria
  • Due diligence through the different stages of the deal. Most due diligence services provide a long list of useless details, that adds more confusion than clarity, instead I focus on the most practical details and risks
  • Uncovering potential issues, risks and common pitfalls in a deal
  • How to make a decision when it’s time to move forward with the deal
  • Negotiations, deal structure, agreements, financing and contracts
  • Transaction, escrow, how to best protect yourself
  • Emotional support for the high pressure decisions, I’m trained in various effective therapy techniques and can help you avoid making an emotional decision you may later regret
  • Arranging technical setup, checklists, and transfers
  • Post acquisition growth strategy, operation and delegation
  • Improvements and growth strategy for an existing business
  • Preparing a business for sale and deciding when and whether to sell
  • Finding the best marketplace, brokerage or listing agent to handle your sale
  • Negotiation, contract, transaction, transfers and completing a business sale

Note: I provide no guarantees and will not make decisions for you, my role is only to advice, so you have the full picture, and can make better informed decisions. Additionally, due to limited availability, I’m quite selective with projects I take on, and may not be able to respond to all queries.

Pricing varies based on each individual case, and what’s involved, and compensation is usually structured in a way that aligns incentives. Contact here for more details