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Michael Bereslavsky is the Founder and CEO of Domain Magnate, an online-M&A turned Micro Private Equity Firm. Michael has had a passion for all things online business since 2004 which has led him from building and monetizing websites, to over a decade of buying and growing online businesses, 300+ deals, guest-speaking at events, and most recently launching his third investor fund. The remote nature of his online business has also allowed Michael to pursue his personal love of travel and manage a fully remote team.


Michael Bereslavsky is the Founder and CEO of Domain Magnate.

His passion for all things online business began in 2004. It has led him from solo ventures in building, promoting, and monetizing websites, to over a decade of buying and growing internet businesses and successfully completing over 300 deals.

Domain Magnate was born out of a growing market of website-buyers and sellers. These days the company also buys and manages many businesses itself, and offers consulting services on exit strategy and acquisitions. Domain Magnate’s focus on rapid sales enables sellers to exit their businesses fast and avoid the typical pains of selling. The company has recently launched its third fund, providing investors with opportunities to get involved with their expanding portfolio of revenue-generating websites. These are mainly e-commerce, affiliate, and content sites, as well as 4-letter .com domains, other short, 1 to 2-word .com and cctld domains

Michael’s special interests include building and growing his portfolio of online businesses, trading domains, and visiting and speaking at domaining conferences. In addition to traditional real-estate investments— stocks and bonds— Michael has a growing interest in cryptocurrency and startup investments. He firmly believes in the future of blockchain, and how crypto-based technologies and smart contract-based applications will change the way large centralized businesses will operate in the coming decades.

Michael is not all business. He is a keen traveler, having lived in four countries, visited over 50, as well as speaking four languages. Michael is an avid reader and enjoys books on business, marketing, health, spirituality, history, and philosophy. You can also find him working on his health and fitness, delving into history or philosophy, or taking on opponents in chess as he’s a FIDE master. Follow the Blog, where Michael will share recent updates and thoughts, and contact him to get in touch and learn more.

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